Diamond Dog Grooming
Diamond Dog Grooming


At Diamond Dog we offer Grooming, Training and Boarding services.  Grooming includes a bath, breed specific hair cut when applicable, brush out, nail clipping and ear cleaning.


Additional services are also available such as medicated baths, flea baths, de-skunking, teeth brushing and anal gland expression.


If you do not need a full grooming we also offer just nail clippings and anal gland expression by appointment. Call us today so we can book an appointment for you!



481 Boston Rd.

Billerica,MA  01862

"We have been going to Diamond Dog for over 9 years now. All the people there just love the animals. The owner/head groomer, Gail, has the most wonderful way with all the clients, and I have recommended her to friends. They all were impressed with the quality of work as well as the friendliness of the employees. 
Gail is also a Veterinary tech and a licensed trainer. We took dog training classes with her, where she trained our dog AND us.... 
My Wheaton looks fabulous and the prices are comparable. I would recommend them highly for any type of pet grooming." 

Gail K Wilmington, MA


Gail is AWESOME!  

"Our kids ( Jack, George and Boone) have been there many times and she is always wonderful with her services and her attention and care of them.  Her employees are also great.  Our dogs aren't the most social, yet they run right in when they get there.  Gail  absolutely speaks their language.  I wouldn't think of taking them anywhere else.
Her boarding service is super, too."

Town of Chelmsford, MA

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